Welcome to the VIP Lounge!

If your head is exploding because of my use of the word Visually Impaired, apologies, I bought the domain name back before some found offence in the term, if it makes you feel better just think of it as “Very Important Person” which was the play on words I was also going for.

Either way the site is not just for those with partial vision, there’s plenty of room for all people with vision loss of any kind.

This site is a place to tell your Stories on how you dealt with or are dealing with your condition and to help others who are in need of some inspiration, as the saying goes “If you’ve met 1 Blind person, you’ve met 1 Blind person”, we all deal with it in different ways.

I’ll also be posting useful articles and you can also send in contributions yourself by using the Contact form, together we can make this site what I originally intended it to be, a place to share and help others.

You can also sign up in the Forum to discuss issues of importance, just keep it respectful.

This is a work in progress so come back often and sign up in the right hand sidebar to follow Latest Blog Posts.